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Thursday, September 3, 2020

5 Advantages of Apple Watch Series 5 that You Need to Know

Apple Watch Series 5 has officially been sold on the market in December 2019. This latest smartwatch from Apple complements the other flagship series with some of the latest features or changes to the materials it uses. However, with a starting price tag of $399, do you have to upgrade your Apple Watch Series 3 or 4 to this latest series?

To answer the questions above, let's look at the advantages of Apple Watch Series 5:

1. The first advantage: Has an always-on display feature

The biggest change that the Watch 5 brings is what its users have always wanted, namely the always-on display feature. This feature can be included thanks to the use of Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxid OLED. With this screen, Apple can keep users looking at the watch screen without sacrificing their 18 hours of battery life.

Apple Watch 5 Alway on Display
Source: 9to5mac.com

This is the first time Apple has implemented an always-on display on its wearable devices. With this feature, users no longer need to press a button to see the clock. Apart from displaying the clock, this feature can also display other data that appears on the Home screen, such as weather and battery percentage.

2. Second advantage: There is an integrated compass feature

Apple Watch Series 5 Compas
Source: cultofmac.com

In some functions, the compass feature embedded in Apple Watch 5 is very useful. For example, this integrated compass can be used when hiking or other outdoor activities. Apple has also developed a special API for this feature so that application developers can integrate this feature into their applications.

3. The third advantage: a wider screen and a varied casing

The 40mm and 44mm screens on the Watch 5 and 4 may not be as distracting as the proportions on the arm. However, a bigger screen can clearly accommodate a wider display interface. Plus, the corners are rounded so that the screen clocks or images look more fitting.

Apple Watch Series 5 Wide Screen
Source: mldspot.com

Watch 5 also comes with a more varied casing. If Watch 3 only comes in Silver and Space Gray, the Watch 5 has additional color variants, namely Gold, Ceramic, Titanium, and Stainless Steel.

4. Fourth advantage: Have its own App Store

Apple Watch Series 5 App Store
Source: idgesg.net

Previously, users had to install the Watch app via iPhone or iPad. Now, Apple brings watchOS 6 which has the Watch App Store integrated in it. This makes it easier for developers to create custom apps for the Apple Watch.

5. Fifth advantage: Big Memory

Capacity is usually not a priority when choosing a smartwatch. However, with the presence of the App Store directly on the device, users can download more applications than before. Watch 3 only has a capacity of 8GB (16GB for the LTE version). Of the 8GB, only about 5GB can be used for storage. It can only accommodate two or three apps, songs and a few podcasts.

Apple Watch Series 5 Spesification
Source: Addresseek

If you want more space, the Watch 5 comes with a storage capacity of 32GB (it's like the iPhone in its early days). This amount should be more than enough to store daily applications that are commonly used.

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