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Thursday, September 10, 2020

7 Tips To Make Your Android Smartphone Battery Last Longer

You must be annoyed when your smartphone battery suddenly turns red while playing games or surfing in internet. Moreover, if you forget to bring a power bank or charger.

Yes, applications and games on Android devices do demand greater than usual resource requirements. And to accommodate this, a more agile chip-set and more RAM was built.

Android Smartphone Battery Run Out Quickly
Android Smartphone Battery Run Out Quickly (Source: digitaltrends.com)

Unfortunately, the battery doesn't get a significant upgrade like other important components. As a result, the battery drains quickly and becomes more wasteful.

However, there are a few tips so that your battery doesn't run out quickly.

1. You can turn off GPS or location when not in use

GPS and Location Setting in Android
GPS and Location Setting in Android (Source: androidpolice.com)

GPS is quite a drain on the battery. So, if you really don't use it anymore, it's better to just turn it off.

If you don't like it this way, then try another alternative by turning off location permission for apps that don't need it all the time. This way, you are indirectly blocking some of the related apps from using the location in the background. This can significantly save battery life.

2. Activate Dark Mode

Android Dark Mode
Android Dark Mode (Source: ciobulletin.com)

So far, you may have used Dark Mode to provide extra comfort for the eyes. On the other hand, this mode also saves battery power. Moreover, a cellphone with an OLED screen, Dark Mode will work better.

When Dark Mode is enabled, the OLED Screen will disable individual pixels and allow them to consume less power. In addition to enhance it, you can also install dark-themed wallpapers and activate night mode in applications like Twitter and Instagram.

3. Limit the use of applications that run in background

Apps Running In The-Background Decrease Battery Life
Apps Running In The-Background Decrease Battery Life (Source: geekeasier.com)

Did you know, the majority of the applications that you open are still active even though you have closed them. These apps run in the background and quietly drain battery power even when not actually being used.

To limit the application from running in the background is quite simple. You just need to go to Notifications> Apps and Notifications > Advanced > Battery > Background restrictions. If that feels too complicated, then you can try a third-party application like Greenify.

4. Monitor your running applications

Monitor Running Apps Android
Monitor Running Apps Android (Source: gadgethacks.com)

Another factor that causes the battery to run out quickly is applications that are not functioning properly. This is generally caused by a bug or virus that may be secretly running in the background. To monitor battery usage per app, go to Settings > Battery > Menu > Battery Usage.

If there are applications that you rarely use, it's a good idea to uninstall them. Here are some of the apps that are known to be the most battery-draining, including Snapchat, Tinder, Facebook, Messenger, Microsoft Outlook and CleanMaster.

5. Look for the lite version of the application you need

Lite App in Android
Lite App in Android (Source: dignited.com)

Still related to point number 4, if you still want to use your favorite application even though it is known to waste battery, it is better to use an alternative application or the lite version. Usually, popular applications have a light or lite version of the application, which in addition to saving capacity also saves battery power.

The lite application is generally intended for use on old cellphones with modest specifications. However, if your cellphone is already fierce but still wants the battery to be even more efficient, then you can use these lite applications.

6. Deactivate Google Assistant

Google Assistant Decrease Battery
Google Assistant Decrease Battery (Source: cbsistatic.com)

Google Assistant does offer functions that make it easier for users, on the other hand, the Assistant is also one of the most battery-draining features on Android. That's because the Assistant is doing multiple jobs at one time.

If you are not too dependent on Assistant, it is advisable to disable it. The method is not simple, you need to go to the Google application > More > Settings > Google Assistant > under the Assistant tab select Phone > then turn off Google Assistant.

7. Set up sync

Sync Notification Android
Sync Notification Android (Source: howtogeek.com)

Notifications are important, but if you feel that constant notifications are annoying then it's a good idea to turn them off. This may make activities like viewing new content have to be done manually, but on the one hand, it is advantageous because it also saves battery.

Active sync keeps apps running in the background, and gradually, drains battery power. To disable syncing, go to Settings > Accounts then disable it at the very bottom which is Automatically sync data.

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