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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Here's How to Clean a Laptop Properly

Laptops are a device that is attached to everyday life because various activities can be done using a laptop.

How to Clean Laptop Properly

But because of that, laptops get dirty and dusty easily. It is very important to keep the laptop clean to make it comfortable to use. Routine maintenance also makes the laptop more durable.

Following are some steps to clean a laptop properly:

1. Prepare a cleaner

Jolie Kerr, a cleaning expert, says there are four things that can be used to clean a laptop: alcohol, microfiber cloth, cotton wool, and a dust blower.

Laptop Cleaning Tools & Kits
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Alcohol with 90% isopropyl will not cause damage to laptop internal components. If a laptop user has dirt that is difficult to remove, use a melamine sponge. However, use it carefully because of the rough nature of the melamine sponge.

If you see a set of cleaning kits at an electronics store, don't be tempted to buy them. Equipment at home can also be used to save expenses.

2. Start cleaning from the inside

Cleaning laptop from inside

Cleaning the dirt on the keyboard or the screen first may be interesting. But it would be nice to clean the inside of the laptop first. You will need a dust blower. Start by cleaning or blowing the dust that is between components using compressed air. Here are the steps:

  1. The first thing to do is turn off the laptop. Then, unplug the power cable and remove the laptop battery if it can be removed.
  2. Use a dust blower to remove all the sticky dirt, and blow into any gaps, such as the keyboard, vent, even the USB port.
  3. Spray air from a dust blower on the inside of the laptop. This is to prevent dust buildup over time and cause the laptop to overheat.

For laptop users who smoke or have pets, they should clean their laptops more often and be careful. The reason is, dust, smoke, animal hair, and other particles more easily get into the cracks of the laptop.

3. Clean the outside of the laptop

Use a microfiber cloth, pour the alcohol on the microfiber cloth, wring it out so the alcohol does not drip. Clean the surface of the laptop. Cleaning swabs and alcohol can also be used to clean the keyboard and the small space between keyboards.

Cleaning Laptop Screen

If there are stains that are stubborn, rub the melamine sponge slowly and carefully to prevent damage to the appearance of the laptop.

Cleaning process will be slightly different when cleaning the screen. Users must be able to clean the fingerprints that stick to them using a dry microfiber cloth.

However, if the stain does need extra effort to clean it, pour a little water on the cloth. Avoid using household cleaning soaps that contain harsh chemicals such as ammonia or alkaline to clean the screen.

4. Deodorize the laptop

If a user has a serious enough problem with his laptop, such as a sticky odor, cleaning the laptop surface can be of great help.

Laptop Deodorize

The source of the odor can come from inside the laptop. Users can use the best natural fragrance in the world, namely charcoal. If it is difficult to get charcoal, users can also use sand for cat litter.

Most cat litter litter has an activated charcoal formula to neutralize odors. How to use it, wrap the laptop in a bag filled with sand for cat litter.

Leave it for 24-48 hours. The longer the laptop is left idle with the charcoal formula, the more the smell will be lost on the laptop.

Give it a try!

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