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Friday, September 18, 2020

How to Choose a Smart Lamp

The smart lamp has a number of interesting features that go beyond the ordinary lamp. Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing smart lights:

1. Choose a smart lamp based on its function

The smart lamp can perform various functions depending on the product. So imagine what kind of product you need to decide what function you want.

The timer interlocking function is energy efficient and can be used as an alarm

The interlocking timer feature in the smart lamp can manage the luminance adjustment function and time based color change function. The smart lamp with this function can be used instead of an alarm clock. For example, turning off the lights when it's time to prevent forgetting and save energy. It can also gradually light up the room and encourage you to wake up naturally.

For those who always use their smartphone alarm as an alarm clock, setting a smart light is not difficult. You can take advantage of the light control function in the app to make you wake up refreshing.

Music interlocking function that can change the mood of the room

Smart Music Lamp

Similar to the timer function, this function adjusts the light level of the lamp to the music. This smart light with function is perfect for home parties with lively music. However, there are also products that can adjust the light level with soothing music. In addition, there are smart lights with pre-set moods.

In addition to smart lights that respond to sound, there are also smart lights that act as loudspeakers. So, check the description or review of the product before you buy it so you don't choose the wrong choice.

Built-in speaker which provides a new experience

As mentioned earlier, the music interlocking type and the built-in speaker type are very different. Just like a regular light bulb, this smart lamp with built-in speaker is mounted into a socket on the ceiling. That way, you can enjoy a whole new musical experience as if it were falling from the ceiling.

In addition, the speaker is mounted on the lamp so it does not require cables and charging. The size is small so the sound quality may not meet your needs. However, this type of lamp is a product you should try if you like to try new things.

2. Choose a smart lamp based on its brightness level

It's not uncommon for smart lamp buyers to complain that the lights they buy are brighter than expected. To avoid this, be sure to check the brightness of the lamp before buying.

View LED brightness in lumens

The brightness of incandescent and fluorescent lamps is usually indicated in watts. However, this does not apply to LED lamps. The LEDs give off a light that is not completely diffused. In other words, the LED only illuminates the area underneath it.

So, even if the LED has the same wattage as an incandescent lamp, it will feel darker. Therefore, the LED brightness is indicated in lumens (lm). Lumen is a unit of measure the strength of light. This unit shows how much light is emitted from all of the lamps.

For the main lighting, use a smart lamp with a brightness of 800 lumens or more

Smart Lamp Brightness Adjustment

You may not know the brightness of the lamp just by looking at the lumen unit. As a reference, an LED with 170 lumens can be considered the equivalent of a 20 watt lamp. LEDs with 485 lumens and 810 lumens are equivalent to a 40 watt and 60 watt lamp, respectively. For the same brightness as a 100 watt lamp, you can choose an LED with 1520 lumens or more.

For the main lighting, you will need a lamp with a light strength of 800 lumens and above. However, one light may not be enough due to the nature of the LED that does not illuminate the entire room. You may want to consider using several LED bulbs at the same time. In addition, you can place a 200 lumen smart lamp next to your bed as additional lighting.

3. Check compatible devices

Smart Lamp Compability

Smart light is generally compatible with Android and iOS. However, some products may not be compatible with certain versions of Android or iOS. There are times when some functions cannot be used again after you have replaced your smartphone. So, make sure the product is compatible with your smartphone by trying to turn it on before buying.

4. Don't forget to take into account the size and weight of the base and socket

Normal Size Smart Lamp Example

LEDs are different in size and weight than incandescent bulbs. Especially if the lamp has built-in speakers, it could be that the lamp base and socket sizes do not match. Additionally, LEDs tend to be heavier than incandescent bulbs so you need to use a strong base lamp. So, don't forget to check these two points when buying a smart lamp or any other LED light.

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